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Discover the best parkour spots

Whether you are new to parkour, moving to a new corner of your city or traveling around the world, you will rapidly have access to the best places to train.

Share your favorite locations

Be the first one to upload your top city’s spots into the app. Become a reference for other traceurs as they can see your locations and put it in their favorites.
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Call and join jams

Train with people, make new friends and learn from the community. There is no best way to improve than exchanging tips with others.

What's New ?

Stay tuned about new spots, jams and moves around the world. The most recent activities from the URBN community will pop up straight to your phone.

About URBN Jumpers

Our Beliefs

We believe that parkour, art du deplacement and freerunning are community sports where people should be able to easily train together and share their passion. Amazing things occur when you see beginners moving with experts, kids with elders, boys with girls, you get the idea. The fraternal approach and the mutual respect that exists within these disciplines prove that everyone stands as one big worldwide family.

Why URBN Jumpers ?

URBN Jumpers was created to facilitate the practice of parkour, freerunning and art du déplacement. It aims to be a platform where traceurs can connect, learn from others and share their passion. We wish to bring the community closer and together give a worldwide visibility to our sport.

Our Philosophy

We operate in symbiosis with the fact that urban sports occur on cities’ property which belongs to everyone. Therefore, URBN Jumpers stands for a constant respect of other people and public infrastructures.

The URBN Team

Our Story

All of this started back in 2017 while jamming in our hometown Quebec (Canada). Ooh correction... it was a jogging session as we spent more time running from a spot to another than actually training. Wishing to improve our skills and not lose our time, we came up with the idea of something where everyone can find and share the best places to train, something that would eventually be called URBN Jumpers.
William Simetin-Grenon

William Simetin-Grenon

“Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”
Alexis Trepanier

Alexis Trépanier

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”
William Turcotte

William Turcotte

“Don’t fall in love with the results, fall in love with the process.”

Thank You

We would like to thank our precious collaborators who helped us in making this daydreaming project a concrete reality. Without your help and support, the app would not be as good as it is today. We are proud of what it has become and this is all thanks to you. Thank you!